Goodbye 2016… Hello 2017

I love blank journals, clean calendars, Monday’s… new beginnings… I am looking ahead at the blank book 2017 and am prepared to write its beautiful story… songs from the hilltops, laughter from the beaches… but I would be remiss to not give 2016 a proper goodbye… though a painful year, with hard news and harder diagnoses… there were many beautiful moments… here are some favorites from each month:

January— on 1/1/2016 Alejandro turned 10

though i spent 3/4 weeks in the hospital … i did take Ale sledding

I spent 2/4 weeks in the hospital and had a Roux En Y, but got to spend some beautiful time at Kripalu with Nitza. It was a breathtaking experience.

April–I got medical clearance to travel. We spent 10 amazing days at Copa Marina beach resort in Puerto Rico

Ale had his spring concert at the beginning of the month and we spent memorial day in Maine at the end of the month!!

Nitza and I spent some time up at the hospital (Dartmouth Hitchcock) and Ale and I headed to Maine for the summer and it was amazing

We had one ambulance ride and a brief 5 day hospital stay, but kept making memories

We had another 4 day hospital stay… and the good times were rolling

I had another hospital stay for an laparoscopy to bring down my old J tube site which kept scarring to my stomach from which I got another surgical site infection,  and Alejandro began 5th grade!!

We took a wonderful trip to pick apples and found an amazing local new breakfast nook.

We had another short stint at Dartmouth Hitchcock for an I&D (Incision and Drainage) to scoop out the surgical site infection.   We got  basketball hoop for Ale and shared a very intimate and sacred Thanksgiving meal as a trio.

brought a nice visit with dearest friends… a beautiful stay home vacation form school over Christmas break, an amazing only 1 visit to the hospital month and some tremendous family memories

2016 was hard… hard might be understating it… but i learned some painfully beautiful life lessons… i learned to show my heart to my closest friend… that I don’t need to be perfect to be loved.  i learned to not put off until tomorrow what I can do today… because we are not guaranteed tomorrows…. i learned that you have to fight for what really matters… because no one else will put the boxing gloves on and do it for you…


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