The Oasis that is Southern Maine

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”– Rumi

We had the pleasure and the time go get away on Easter weekend. Heading north to paradise would deliver the sunny skies and white sand beach and familiarity I needed… and it delivered.  It always does.

We spent our time doing what we do… walking through our quaint, cobblestones sidewalk town…browsing small boutiques and candy stores. We played basketball at the small town court as Ale tried to teach mommy how to shoot a free throw.  We dined at the Cornerstone and reminisced of our best memories and dearest friends.

Easter Sunday sun kissed our faces as we threw the football over the white sand.

It was like summer was yesterday but also nineteen years away. Maine is the same, yet my body needed more breaks and my blood sugar experienced urgent lows.  But nothing will ever render me not impacted by that shore’s beauty and those street’s sweet whispers.

I need Maine more than the 30 pills I take every day. It’s medicine for my soul. It’s satiates me in only the way Maine can and in the best way.

I am happy there. I am free. I am better.

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