The Ones We Choose

I have never doubted that those who cross our paths do so for a reason, a lesson to be learned, a forever soul or a person passing through on their way somewhere and those who come by way of someone else that catch you off guard but they come to take up space in your hearst… it’s always proven true for me. I have a handful of forever people… you know… those I can call at 2 am if I was in dire straits, or really needed to talk— there are a few and without a shred of doubt I know they would answer their phone, or text and do whatever I needed if it was in their power… those forever people.  I am blessed that I have more than one… and I love them so fiercely and can say if they called me I would do anything at any hour.

There are a couple more but no pics… I treasure these folks.. with my being.

There are those that I’ve learned lessons from… often times hard and fast painful, lay down on the floor and cry lessons… but I’ve grown.

There are surprising people… they come because they are with another person… those that you’d never expect to expand your heart but the do…

Alejandro’s daddy is one of those people.  I adore him. He loves this child with the marrow of his bones…he shows up.

I have hard days. Sick days. Sicker days.

but I have beautiful days and moments that swim through my blood, circulating me.

Yesterday was that… it was cookies

and Tree

and Silly Mommy

and my precious perfect fluffy baby Bella.


These are the days… and these are the people.


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