Where You Least Expect It

Nitza shared a video with me today that resonated in a few ways… ┬áIt is put out by Dana Farber on the experiences of young adults with cancer…

I DO NOT HAVE CANCER and because of not having cancer I cannot fully understand or comprehend the physical and emotional pain of experiencing that disease.

I watched the video and there were facets that struck me hard as they were feelings I experience regularly and feelings my friends with chronic illness have expressed feeling…

This video is a great reminder to keep our eyes and hearts open… that I can find beautiful messages in parts of the busy world where I least expect to if i can find peaceful pause long enough within my self to be open to them… it also spoke volumes to me about the suffering in this world and the beautiful souls that flitter around us to ease that suffering…

Thank you to my beautiful, dear flittering souls… NR, AO, AO2, SC, RA, JC, AC, JAC, BY, JZ, HJ, KJ, MF. KC, AB, HB, MW, JL, BR. LR, TG, CG, LH, JR. ML, MP, SYSYTT2k15-16

With love and hope,


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